Why Should YOU Become a Season Pass Holder? We’ll Tell You.

You save %^&* tons of money


Just kidding. But really, why should you become a season pass holder at OSG Paintball?  Being a season pass holder makes playing paintball at OSG easy. It makes it affordable. It also makes you awesome. Here’s the full list of perks:

  • Admission for the entire season. This includes Friday walk on play in the summer months.
  • $10 off cases of field paint (scenario games not included).
  • Air for the entire season.
  • Admission to all BYOP and scenario events.
  • $55 per case rate for scenario games.
  • Two “Bring a Friend” passes (full day rental package; restrictions apply).
  • Fill out one waiver for the season.
  • Play new fields FIRST.
  • A custom pass with your beautiful face on it just like you would get a ski resort. You can also load the pass with $$ to be spent at the field.
  • An OSG Paintball lanyard to attach your pass to.
  • Season pass holder only deals (we will follow through on this this year we promise).
  • Season Pass only check in lines at scenario events.
  • Season Pass holder appreciation day (it’s back for 2017).

Those are the on paper perks. No paintball field in New England offers anything remotely close. The part that we don;t talk enough about, and the best part of this pass, is the fact that we can guarantee there will be a healthy sized walk on crew every Saturday and Sunday. There is nothing worse than driving for hours to play and have no one show up. Those days are long gone here.

So what are you waiting for? You have until midnight on January 1st to save 20%

Want to know how to get your pass for free? If you have health insurance, there may be a way to get it paid for.

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