OSG Paintball and Swim With a Mission raise over $500, 000 for veterans organizations.

15 eleven man teams led by US Navy SEALs converged onto OSG Paintball to raise $$ for veteran organizations such as The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum, Veterans Count, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, The Dan Healy Foundation, and Harbor Homes. NH Governor Chris Sununu, former US Senator Kelly Ayotte, and inventor Dean Kamen were in attendance.

The event started with US Navy SEALs telling their combat stories, NH business leaders spoke about leadership, and prominent NH politicians discussed what they are doing to help our veterans. Immediately following the panel, all 15 teams played a modified round robin paintball tournament across our Western Town, Halo Village, and Landing Zone paintball fields.

Over 160 players (most all have never played paintball before) were using Planet Eclipse EMeks to level the playing field. Paintballs were provided by G.I. Sportz.

Our local police department put together a great write up of the event below:

We want give a special shout out to The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum for bringing their crew of current and former Navy SEALs to the woods of NH to tell us their story. It was an honor to have them here!

We’d also like to thank Planet Eclipse for the amazing customer support, G.I. Sportz for delivering excellent paint for this event, and Phil and Julie Taub from Swim With a Mission. These two are the reason this event came together as it did. Their passion and hard work truly paid off and we can not wait to host again next year.

For the full photo album from OSG Paintball:  OSG Event Photo Album

The full album from The National Navy UDT SEAL Museum: Event Photo Album