The third scenario game of the season is here!

The Breakdown

This scenario game will function similar to our past scenario games with a few small tweaks and 6 large ones.

  1. We have removed a few respawn points along the far end of the field to help make it a little easier for teams to take territory when they push through. We know it means a longer walk to respawn points on that side, but it is normally such a stalemate that we wanted to give something else a try for this game.
  2. Consumables – Find consumables and gold bars/money bags throughout the day. Consumables may be used directly, or trade in your gold bars/money bags for consumables. We have done this in past games and decided to bring it back for World of Tanks.
  3. Tanks –  We will have 6 of them on field with two running all day. These tanks are driven by a single person and have a paintball gun mounted in them. Game rules and tank rules can be found towards the bottom of this blog.

The Generals

Frank Grow will command the red team. Frank has been a general at many of our scenario games and brings year of experience to the field.

Jim Bancroft will command the yellow team. Jim has been a player up at OSG for years. He’s a gamer, developer, and has all the tools necessary to lead his team to victory!

The Game Map

Download the full resolution map below:


Game Rules. Tank Rules. All Day Missions

You can find game rules, tank rules, and all day missions in the documents below. A few key points.

  1. These tanks are $15,000 a piece. If you want to drive one, you must go through training. Training will be provided on Saturday, 9/15. We know many of you will want to drive them, but we simply can’t let just anyone in them. Thank you for understanding.
  2. The way tanks may be “killed” will be tweaked on the morning of the game based on a few factors. Example, if there are 50 rocket launchers on field, it will essentially render them a non factor throughout the day. We will make sure they are difficult to kill, so final rules will be issues on Sunday morning.

For the detailed run down of the game rules, click the link below.

Game Rules

If you haven’t done so, save time at check in and $$ on paint. Click that button below to purchase tickets!

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Gates open at 7:00 am. Game briefing begins at 9:00-ish following by the general’s briefing. Game starts at 10:00 am sharp whether you are on field or not.