Join OSG Paintball for the 2019 season, and get your season pass for 20% off through midnight on January 1, 2019. 2018 brought massive changes to OSG Paintball and this trend will continue through 2019. We have more improvements planned that will continue to grow the sport of paintball in New England and Nationwide.

You’ve heard the rumors and seen the posts. The tanks are officially HERE!!!. Tank vs Tank Battles will be available for reservation for the entire 2019 season. OSG strives to push the envelope of innovation. This experience is not offered anywhere else but OSG. With the purchase of your season pass – a first at OSG – you will receive a free tank rental to play with all your season pass friends!

Being a season pass holder makes playing paintball at OSG easy. It makes it affordable. It also makes you awesome. Here’s the full list of perks:

No paintball field in New England offers anything remotely close. The part that we don’t talk enough about, and the best part of OSG, is the fact that we can guarantee there will be a healthy sized walk on crew every Saturday and Sunday. By joining the OSG Season Pass family, you’re joining the largest network of players in New England.

At OSG we are always building. 2019 will bring more improvements and renovations to the fields you’ve grown to love. We will continue to update our Field Maintenance Blog Posts to keep you informed.

We look forward to being The Paintball Destination for 2019!