If you were sent to this article it is more than likely that you are either A.) Looking to make a reservation B.) You are coming to play your first day of paintball here at OSG or C.) You are looking to play paintball for the first time.  We know you are nervous. We know you have lots of questions. Lucky for you we have answers and can hopefully calm your nerves just a bit.

The Basics

Paintball at OSG is played in the woods or on man made fields with strategically placed buildings, cars, tanks, trenches, and a pirate ship. Players are divided into 2 teams that start on separate sides of the field. When your referee yells GO, both teams battle to complete the objective and shoot each other out. Games normally last between 10-15 minutes with 5-10 minute turn around times between games (we hustle).

What to Wear

  • We recommend a long sleeve shirt and pants, although not required. In the summer, breathable apparel is best, it can get hot out there.
  • Shoes with traction. Hiking shoes, cross country running shoes, etc. There are lots of rocks, stumps, and other things to step on, so please wear the proper footwear. We do NOT recommend cleats due to the fact we have many wooden structures you will run on.
  • A hat or headband definitely helps. They absorb sweat and some of the impact of the paintball if you get shot on the head.
  • We get asked “Should I wear a cup?” Our referees typically get shot there once a year.  Hopefully this day is not your once a year! It’s your call to wear one or not.
  • Chest protectors are available if you feel like you’ll need a bit more protection.


When you arrive and park in one of our 2 parking lots, you will need to check in at “The Hut”. Make sure to fill out your waivers in advance here. They are easier to fill out on a keyboard or a cell phone. If you forget to fill them out in advance, we do have iPads set up to fill your waiver out on when you get here.  When your waivers are filled out, you can now check in at the counter. Here you will pay for everything and receive all the gear you need to play. We accept all major credit/debit cards and can run a tab for you or your group if you’d like to purchase more paint, apparel, etc. Rental packages include a gun, thermal no f0g mask, full air tank, , pack, optional chest protector, all day air, and 100 paintballs.

 The Safety Briefing

When you or your group are fully checked in, you will receive a thorough safety briefing. Here you will learn all the safety rules and everything you need to know to play paintball. If you are playing with the “Walk-Ons” you will then join in with the general public. If they are on field playing a game, you will wait until they come back and then join in. If you are with a private group, you will be assigned a referee to guide you through our fields and make sure your group has an unforgettable time.

 Walk-On Play: The “Intimidation Factor”

As you gear up and look around, you will see players of all skill levels. Don’t be scared! One of the ideals we pride ourselves on is having some of the nicest “regulars” in the business. The community of players at OSG is second to none. They do not want to “destroy you.” They want to help you have a good time. They want you to come back and play again. Most importantly, they want to grow the sport of paintball. If you have questions, these players and our referees will gladly help you out.

Your First Game

At this point you have had your safety briefing, your paintball gun has been chronographed (speed of the paintball leaving the marker has been calibrated), and your referee has explained the rules of the game you’re about to play. You are at your starting point. Your heart is pumping a million miles an hour, the adrenaline is flowing. It’s time to play paintball…GO GO GO!

Does it Hurt?

It doesn’t feel good BUT it’s not nearly as bad as what you are picturing in your head. You will go from freaking out to having the best time of your life. If this blog hasn’t calmed your nerves, we offer Low Impact private paintball parties. Learn more here.

Paintball is fun! Whether a private game, a Low Impact private game, or walk-on play, we are here to make sure you have the best paintball experience available in New England.  If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ Page.